5 Ways to Maximize Your Garden’s Outdoor Space for Fun in the Sun

Getting outdoors and taking in some fresh air and all-important vitamin D is essential for our health and well-being. Even spending just 20 minutes per day outside in the sun (wearing appropriate protection, of course) can massively improve your physical and mental health.

But what can you do if your outside space at home is uninviting or not suitable for spending time in? This post looks at 5 ways you can maximize your outdoor space.

Clear the space

The first thing to do is clear the space and remove any unnecessary items. Put away garden tools and other objects, eliminating weeds and excess foliage or just tidying up that pile of clutter that has been slowly increasing since you moved in. Contact STC for tree removal if trees have died or for tree care to restore them to optimal condition.

Give the space a good clean down to remove any inground dirt and debris and restore fences and paving.

Add some seating 

Adding seating to your outdoor space is a great way to make it more inviting. Whether you want sun loungers, deckchairs, or some lawn chairs, find the seating that will suit your needs and budget and then place them around the outside of your property. You could even add a sofa or two if you have room.

If you’re lucky enough to have a yard, pop some decking down with some comfortable furniture, and you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors without having to spend all day in the garden.

Add color 

Adding color is a great way to make your outside space feel inviting. You can do this with flowers, plants, or even brightly colored furniture. You can also paint the walls and fences and create a color scheme and vibe that makes you want to spend time outside.

Use lighting

Lighting is so important for creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and fun. Lighting can be used to take your space from formal, to romantic, to playful. Using different colored lightbulbs will help you create a unique mood in your outside space. You can also use lamps or candles for extra ambience.

If you have limited outdoor space that doesn’t provide enough room for lighting, other options are available that will still allow you to create a beautiful and inviting outside area. For example, adding lights to plants or hanging them from trees and bushes can be a great way to bring light into your outdoor space without taking up too much room.

Incorporate storage

There are plenty of outdoor storage solutions out there that will help you enjoy your time outside, help you utilize the space better, and keep it clean and tidy.

One solution is to use large containers and crockery for storage which can be used as shelves, side tables, or even barbecues. This will give you more space and make the area seem less cluttered by having things stored out of sight. You can also use these containers to grow flowers or vegetables on the balcony, which will make your outdoor space feel more alive and homely too.

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