5 Calming Outdoor Activities To Keep You in Shape

When you’re feeling particularly stressed or pent up with energy, there is nothing quite like heading into the great outdoors and doing a physical activity. During anxiety-filled times, you should be looking for activities that induce a sense of calm, rather than get you riled up. Having a collection of calming outdoor activities that can reduce stress and keep you in shape, will always be useful. From hiking in quiet woodland areas, to skiing down the powdery white slopes, here are a handful of calming activities you may want to try for yourself!

Nature Hikes

The beauty of nature will always have a profound effect on your mind and body, so a hike in a calm wooded area is the perfect tonic for those stressful life moments. You can leave your phone at home, pick up a water bottle and head somewhere that exudes peace and tranquility. Walking is the ideal type of exercise for everyone, and you can go at your own pace too.


Going skiing may take a little more planning, but it’s a calming, fun and freeing experience you will certainly enjoy as soon as you get there. Whether you already know how to ski, or you’re brand new to the slopes, New York is home to two of the best ski resorts you’ll ever find which is perfect if you’re local to the area! Heading off on vacation to ski New York is also the ideal way to treat yourself and your family to a well-deserved getaway. Not only will you get the opportunity to learn a brand new skill, but you’ll also get to see the most stunning sights as you ski down the calming runs in New York.

Mountain Top Yoga

If you’re lucky enough to live close by to the mountains, now might be the perfect time to try out mountain top yoga. In some places, there are classes led by professional instructors, so you can always do your research and find a class close to you. If there are no official classes in your area, you can grab your mat, take a hike and enjoy your own flow on the mountain top.

Ocean Swimming

There is nothing more liberating and enjoyable than swimming in open, fresh water. When you’re feeling overwhelmed with emotion and stressed, you can find peace and comfort in the ocean whilst swimming. Try it for yourself and you’ll want to head back again and again!

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is one of those activities that can help to instantly boost your mood as soon as you get started. There is something so calming and regal about horses; they can work wonders as soon as you start riding with them no matter where you are. When you go horseback riding it has been proven to lower blood pressure, improve mental health and even enhance your decision making skills!

You will soon find your favorite outdoorsy activity that makes you feel safe and calm no matter what. Whether you’re doing it alongside a friend, or you’re enjoying a solo outdoor sport, there are so many reasons to try these out for yourself. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone; even if these ideas seem out of your usual range, you’ll get so much from trying something new!

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