Outdoorsy Black Women How We #OptOutside 2023 Giveaway! Sponsored by REI

 “This is a sponsored post. We’ve loved partnering with REI for our upcoming #OptOutside 2023 Giveaway. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.” — @Toyin Ajayi

I’m constantly in awe of the many ways our members choose to spend time outdoors. Whether it’s kayaking, archery, hiking or just meditating outside we’re choosing to #OptOutside in our own unique ways.

REI started a movement years ago that encouraged people to “OptOutside” rather than shopping for things on Black Friday. Over the years this movement has evolved and is just a great way to encourage your friends and family to spend time outdoors. So we’re hosting a 2023 OptOutside giveaway to give you the opportunity to win some REI e-gift cards and get a chance to expand your outdoor adventures.

We hope that you’ll help spread the word to any friends and family, and let them know that it doesn’t take much to spend time outdoors.

Spending time in the outdoors can be great for physical, mental and emotional health and as Black women we can use all the rest and relaxation possible.

So whether you’re wanting to try a new outdoor activity or just hoping to start with something slow and easy to keep up with, we’re encouraging you all to #OptOutside! Enter to win below!

Outdoorsy Black Women How We #OptOutside 2023 Giveaway! Sponsored by REI

What Are Some Ways You Choose To Enjoy The Outdoors And #OptOutside?

@outdoorsyblackwomen Check out how the ladies of #OutdoorsyBlackWomen have been choosing to #OptOutside Shout out to all our fabulous ambassadors! @rei #weoutside! ♬ original sound – Outdoorsy Black Women

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  1. Today’s #optoutside was in the form of taking my clients for walks outside rather than their usual (in the hallways of assisted living facilities). They were all grateful for the sunshine on their skin and the fresh air in their lungs

  2. It’s raining today so my only option to #optoutside is walking between the vehicle and work, daycare, and the store lol. But I will be sitting inside with the windows open this evening. The sounds, sights, and smells of rain definitely calm my soul!

  3. May not get a chance to #optoutside today as we prep for and travel to Chicago but I just want to say that I’m grateful for Outdoorsy Black Women for introducing me to an incredible group of ladies who I now call friends. I’m also very thankful for this giveaway and hopeful that I will win, allowing me to begin accruing equipment to start backpacking in the near future

  4. I am very disappointed with this organization for not following through with this giveaway as I was diligent in making my daily posts and doing everything that I could to win, only to have the leaders go ghost and not choose any winners (to my knowledge since it hasn’t been publicized).


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