Now That I Have My Camper Van, What’s Next?

Okay I’m not going to lie. I had such a rush of excitement because I found my camper van so fast. But as soon as I bought it, a small wave of terror came over me, lol. I had to take a moment to map out what’s needed and prioritize.

Now That I Have My Camper Van, What's Next?

I know the interior decorating is always the fun part and people love seeing those pictures, but how she runs is more important. For me, after buying her, the first thing I had to do was get insurance and then find a company to ship her from Tennessee to Georgia. It’s not ideal finding a camper/rv in another state because you want to have it inspected before you buy. I asked a TON of questions before purchase and took my brother with me on buying day. I also said quite a few prayers, lol.

Anyway, once Leanardo was in Georgia, I got her registered and purchased a tracker for her. Since she’s such an old model, I didn’t want her sitting anywhere without some way to track her down. Most newer vehicles can use a tracker that connects into the OBD, but anything made before 1996 it’s a no go. I was able to find this  easy to use tracker called GPS Tracker – Optimus 2.0, this one comes with the magnet to mount it anywhere.

I loved how I could log on to a site to read all the tracking information or use the app. It keeps up with parking time, movement, and much more. There is a monthly fee of $19.95, but there’s no contract, so you can use it whenever and stop whenever. I’ll also be using my tracker, when I get on the road, for family to keep up with me. I also bought a car alarm system that I’m getting installed soon, I’ll let you all know how that goes.

Now that she’s legal for the road, I had to get her checked out by a mechanic. I found a lot of recommendations through various Facebook groups. And then I did some searching online and utilized Yelp reviews. I finally found a place here in Atlanta that works on rvs. I can honestly say it’s important to consider this before you buy your van/camper/rv. I’ll feel much better knowing everything that needs to be fixed mechanically and this will help me budget for everything else properly.

In the mean time, I hope everything continues to come together smoothly lol.

After buying your camper van/rv/etc what was your next move?

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