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  1. Something that kept me from trying new outdoor activities in the past is not having friends who wanted to do those things with me. I chose not do it at all rather than going by myself.

  2. My goal/affirmation for this year and is to do all things sky. Last year was land and I hiked all over creation. This year I want to free fall, hot air balloon, tandem paraglide, giant swing, etc. I’m taking my outdoorsy side to the next level. As for what kept me from trying new outdoor things before—I just didn’t know any of this was a possibility. It never occurred to me to do things outside. But now that it has, I can’t be stopped 😃

  3. My goal is to be more physically active outdoors this year. A car accident stopped and then limited my physical activity to walking. I am doing a 5K in a couple weeks and want to hike atleast once a month. 

  4. My outdoor goals are to hike in more varied locations. I have a hiking bucket list and I plan to get started on it. Also, I want to do some different outdoorsy things – backpacking, hot air ballooning, sky diving… 

  5. My outdoor goals are to hike and camp more and make new friends who enjoy the same activities. Which is why I’m excited to be here. Something that has held me back in the past is the fear of doing things alone, but I’m hoping to overcome that as well.

  6. Five years ago I moved home from DC but couldn’t bring my friends 😫😫😫. I haven’t created a social network outside of my family.  One of the best things about being back in SoCal is being a short drive to Long Beach for a walk along the beach. I also enjoy walking around my community soaking in the changes that have happened since I left in the 90s. 

    This year I set a goal to do more outdoor activities and to meet new people so that I’m not doing those activities alone

  7. My outdoorsy goal is regular time in local outdoor space. I have outdoor spaces all around that I don’t take advantage of and it doesn’t take a grand trip to be outdoors. Not having my gear with me has been a downfall. I pledge to have a pair of hiking boots/socks and a jacket in my car trunk readily available so I can hike even for a few minutes when I pass by an inviting forest preserve and have some time.

  8. What has kept me from doing outside activity?no one to do them with but now I found I must do those things even if I have to do them by myself. I love fishing I love the outdoors but living in the city of Connecticut, to me it’s a southern style living and I like the South. Now that I met this group I’m excited about a new life. Thank you for having me

    1. Yes! I’ve always been an outdoorsy women who loves nature. I appreciate it much more now that I’m older. I joined this group bc like you my friends did not want to do anything outside. I’m excited to have this group! 

  9. Taking a step back into time to understand who was I before colonization, before technology, before we were forced to live lives that were not our own is the goal.

    Disconnecting and reconnecting back to my original SELF. The Indigenous SELF. Giving thanks and paying homage to The Ancestors who ruled the land for centuries before our way of life was disrupted.

    I want to see what they saw. Experience their every day nature visuals. Learn to live how they lived. Happy. Connected to the greatest gift, The Earth. 🙏🏾✨🍃

  10. My goal is to be more sociable by joining and participating in groups that will get me active. I enjoy the peace in quiet of the outdoors but afraid to walk alone when going hiking. My goal is to be come more confident when hiking and choosing trails that are well marked so if I have to go alone I’m safe. 

  11. My 2023 Outdoorsy Goal:

    To be intentional about connecting with black women developing or who have a desire to embrace nature via new adventures and are willing to break the stereotype of what black women are not, when it comes to experiencing the outdoors and nature. I vow to leave fear at the doorstep and crossover to the unopened gifts of living life to its fullest.

    Ardie Harrison

  12. My goal is to be one with nature. Allow myself to sit still in the beauty and slow down. I find it so relaxing to take a moment and be present
    I can’t wait for our first hike together so we can experience it together! ♥️

  13. My goal for this year is to simply do what people say “we” Black girls don’t do! I’m looking to get outside and explore all that nature has to offer! Be it hiking, camping, burying my feet in the sand! I’m here for all of it! Just need the right tools to get on the right track and Outdoorsy Black Women was the first step!

  14. My goal is to have more hikes under my belt this year (shooting for a minimum of 7) and no longer consider myself a novice. I enjoy being out and listening to the sounds of nature, especially during sunrise.

  15. Trying new outdoor activities is always fun when you have people/friends to try them with. Friends help to ease the awkwardness and fear of doing something new.

  16. Honestly, if I wanted to do outdoors activities with others that would be the stumbling block. One of the reasons I am so excited about this group is being able to connect with amazing, beautiful, like-minded sista’s.


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