OMG How Will I Date During Van Life? The People Are Asking And Here Are My Thoughts

Recently I was asked a great question about dating. It’s something I’ve considered and other people had alluded to but this time I was asked head on lol.

When it comes to dating in Atlanta, and in general. Many people have heard me day “Modern Dating Is Like The Hunger Games” LOL.

I know that sounds grim, but it often feels this way. I’ve been single and dating for quite some time but I just haven’t met the right man. A lot of people have been worried, mostly my mother and aunts lol, about whether van life will hinder me meeting “Mr. Right”. For me, I’m not worried.

When I first decided to do van life I was dating someone and this lifestyle seemed to shake him up a bit. He’s a great person and we’re still friends but it definitely made me think a lot about the type of person I want moving forward. I think in life we adapt to all our situations… if you don’t adapt, they’ll consume you.

In all the time that I’ve been stationary, I’ve still not met “Mr. Right”. I strongly believe that when the time is right it will happen, and that means it can even happen while I’m on the road. This is a lifestyle adventure, and dating is part of life.

With that said here I have given it a bit of thought and here are a few ways I’ll try out dating while I’m doing van life.

5 Options For Dating During Van Life

Dating Apps/Sites: 

There are a ton of apps and dating sites that you can easily try your luck with. I think for Van Life having location based dating apps can be a plus because you never know who you’ll meet along the way.

Social Media:

Our whole lives are already on social media, and I think that’s one of the perks of meeting someone this way. It gives you an opportunity to see their insights ahead of time. It’s one of the most organic forms of meeting people these days, aside from actually just meeting out and about.


I’ve met some AMAZING people through FB groups already. If you’re in groups with other van lifers or rv full timers, it could be a great way to meet people who you don’t have to explain your lifestyle to. There is one singles van life group that I checked out for a bit, it honestly wasn’t for me… mostly because it felt like everyone was awkwardly trying to force things lol. But it’s worth checking out because you know everyone there is single.


Meetups are really great ways to meet all kinds of people with common interests. While you travel it could be cool to join a few meet ups and see how things go.

Meeting People The Old Fashioned Way:

This is the most comfortable way for me to meet people lol. But with van life, safety is a bigger concern. I’m looking forward to trying new things and exploring new places, so if I meet someone else that’s doing the same we’ll have at least one thing in common.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of ways to meet people whether you’re stationary or living a van life/nomadic life.

This adventure is about my own personal self discovery, dating isn’t going to be my focus but I am open to meeting the right person. I’ve signed up for my first location based, swiping app so… we’ll see where God takes me LOL. Until then I plan on having a blast just living my life!

If you have any suggestions for dating while doing van life

Share them in the comments!

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