Outdoorsy Black Women Spotlight: Getting To Know Jada and How The Outdoors Is An Expression Of Who She Is

Jada is 24 yrs of age and a Nursing Student. Let’s get to know how the outdoors is an expression of who she is.

  1. What was your introduction to the outdoors?
    A: My elementary school’s nature science club. We would go on weekend day trips
    to national parks, nature centers, zoos/aquariums, museums, and other places. That is
    where my love for the outdoors spiraled from.
  2. Have you always felt like you belonged or felt safe in outdoor spaces? If not, how did
    you overcome those situations.

    A: I have not, sometimes on my hikes I get looks, and stares as if I shouldn’t be
    there, which is ridiculous because this land is free for anyone to go wherever they would
    like. Now when I’m on my hikes, or other outdoor adventures I pay them no mind, and
    keep my head up. Maybe even give them a smile to let them know I’m not going
    anywhere. I overcome these situations with courage, other friends alongside me, and a
    change of perspective. You can’t control others, but you can change how you react to
  3. How has the outdoors changed your life?
    A: In the most amazing way. I express myself in the outdoors to be whoever I want to be,
    a hiker, a stand up paddle boarder, a swimmer, a carefree black woman. The outdoors is
    my outlet, my soul craves more and more everyday. It is one of the things that keeps me
    sane when this crazy world begins to be too much.
  4. What are some of your favorite outdoor activities?
    A: Let’s see where do I begin? I’d have to put hiking to waterfalls on my list. I know
    hiking is one activity in itself but when there’s a waterfall at the end, things are a little
    better. Bike riding, canoeing, white water rafting is amazinnng everyone should try it!!
    I’ve camped and parasailed a couple times too.
  5. Any outdoorsy goals for the future?
    A: Yes indeed! Camping for this summer on a lake campground, one day at a beach. This
    Fall I am planning for Zion National Park. One day I would also love to go on a road
    trip across America and visit national parks.
  6. What have been your best accomplishments in the outdoors?
    A: I have gone on two solo waterfall hikes, I feel very proud of.
  7. What does being an Outdoorsy Black Woman mean to you?
    A: It means going against the “societal norms” of what you’re “supposed” to be and
    being who YOU want to be. It is be an unbothered black woman in nature loving her
    scenery/activities. It means that more than anything you’re loving yourself in your natural
    state, outdoors.
  8. What does having a community like Outdoorsy Black Women mean to you?
    A: It means the world to me, to see other women like me doing the things I love, being
    outdoors! It gives me hope, and shows me representation. It lets me know that I can be
    outside, even if I’m the only one of color because I am not alone. It means I have a safe
    place of other black women that share the same outdoor interests like myself. Because of
    this community I’ll always be looking forward to my next black woman adventure
  9. What advice do you have for anyone that’s new to the outdoor world?
    A: It’s okay to be a little nervous, minorities in the outdoors isn’t something you might
    see represented as often as other races. That shouldn’t stop you from being out there,
    because we’re definitely waiting for you! Do your research on places you want to go (
    look into black outdoor groups), ask a friend to join you, and get out there! You won’t
    know every little thing, trail, resource etc. Everyone starts somewhere, you will learn on
    the way, but the first step is to try. Once you do, you’ll wonder why you ever stayed
  10. What’s your must see outdoor destination?
    A: This is so hard to choose just one. However a grand one would be Niagara Falls, and
    don’t forget to ride the Maid of Mist.

Be sure to follow Jada on Instagram: @whynotlovett___ and @journeywithjada_

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