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      1. Going to the mountains is similar to going to the beach- an event. I don’t go to either as much as I would like, but I hike pretty often for the class I teach. I need to plan a beach trip and stop playing myself

      1. I do LOVE any body of water but I tend to go hiking more than anything so I didn’t see myself as more of a beach person. Who knew? ????????‍♀️

        1. Ahh, that definitely makes sense! I love all of them too but I tend to love the ocean a bit more so I ended up a Beach Baddie also. Definitely a fan of anywhere with soothing water lol

  1. I got Mountain Maven! I’m not currently near any mountains (Savannah, Georgia), but I’ll take it.

    I’m near the beach, but if I can get mountains & be near water, that’ll be even better. Our next move might be Washington state. Cool quiz!!! 🙂

  2. I got Woods Woman… I have always been a nature lover, but now want to be more intentional in having that connection and using it to be a better mom and become more self-sufficient. Plan on going on a camping trip with my kids soon to start out journey.

          1. It is one of my goals. I just found out that my son-in-law can’t swim either. He is agreeing to attend the class with me. Teamwork makes the dream work lol. Toyin where are you located at?


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