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      1. Going to the mountains is similar to going to the beach- an event. I don’t go to either as much as I would like, but I hike pretty often for the class I teach. I need to plan a beach trip and stop playing myself

      1. I do LOVE any body of water but I tend to go hiking more than anything so I didn’t see myself as more of a beach person. Who knew? ????????‍♀️

        1. Ahh, that definitely makes sense! I love all of them too but I tend to love the ocean a bit more so I ended up a Beach Baddie also. Definitely a fan of anywhere with soothing water lol

  1. I got Mountain Maven! I’m not currently near any mountains (Savannah, Georgia), but I’ll take it.

    I’m near the beach, but if I can get mountains & be near water, that’ll be even better. Our next move might be Washington state. Cool quiz!!! 🙂

  2. I got Woods Woman… I have always been a nature lover, but now want to be more intentional in having that connection and using it to be a better mom and become more self-sufficient. Plan on going on a camping trip with my kids soon to start out journey.

          1. It is one of my goals. I just found out that my son-in-law can’t swim either. He is agreeing to attend the class with me. Teamwork makes the dream work lol. Toyin where are you located at?

  3. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

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