Preparing Your Camper Van For Renovations – My Camper Van’s Before Pics

Now that I have all of the mechanical and rv inspections done it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty lol. I was ready to tackle renovations but my camper van needed a deep clean. While that may seem like a simple thing to do, I live in an apartment.

Some apartments have access to outlets and a hose but not mine. After wracking my brain trying to find a solution, I finally settled on hiring a mobile detail company.

I love the idea of hiring a mobile detail for my camper van because it lets me know that while I’m on the road that’s an option I can be on the lookout for. I won’t hire someone to clean her all the time, but if I want to do a quarterly deep clean it’s not a bad idea.

The company I found in Atlanta had a pretty thorough list of options that covered the interior and exterior. Since I knew I would be doing repairs to the exterior soon, I opted to only clean the interior. Check out the list of options below.


Thorough Hand Wash
Complete hand washing with micro- fiber mitt

Black Streaks Removed
Scuffs, water run-off and stains wiped away

Roof Carefully Cleaned
Roof / plastic vents / antenna are washed and scrubbed to remove built up dirt and debris

Bug, Tar, & Mild Sap Removal
Front bumper, rearview mirrors, windshield, and lower panels scrubbed

Rims / Tires / Cleaned & Dressed
All brake dust removed, rims / wheel wells wiped down and shine restored

Chamois Dried
Hand dried with synthetic chamois to eliminate streaks and water spots

Wipe and Degrease Door Jambs
Trunk, hood, and all doors free of dirt and water

Chrome Polished
Rims, trim, grill, and tail pipes polished

Cleaner Wax W/ Carnauba Wax Applied
Machine Applied to Fiberglass Surfaces


Complete Interior Vacuum
Includes all floors, seats, and compartments

Heated Shampooing of Carpets / Seat Upholstery
All are shampooed and scrubbed then heated to remove ground in dirt and stains

Interior compartments cleaned
Drawers, cabinets, & nooks vacuumed / wiped

Headliner Cleaned
Spots, splashes, and stains removed from interior ceiling

Interior Plastic / Vinyl Cleaned and Dressed
Including dash, center console, all dials / gauges, cup holders, vents, and door panels

Leather Cleaned and Conditioned
Dirt, oils, and stains removed with leather cleaner & conditioner

Cleaning of all Mirrors and Windows
Clear and streak-free

Interior Air Freshener
Choose from several mild pleasing scents

Head Cleaned (if app)
Toilet, sink, and shower scrubbed and disinfected

The guy did a pretty good job of cleaning her up. Now you can take a look at what she looked like before any work was done, but AFTER a thorough clean up… if you need a comparison for how dirty the carpet was you can see it here in the listing lol.

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