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  1. I’ve only gone camping once, but it was incredible! It was at Lake Winfield Scott and I hiked Preacher’s Rock and Vogel State Park. I can’t wait to go camping again. All my other attempts have been foiled due to weather 😩. But I believe I’ll get back out there soon 😁

  2. I have been camping with my camping club for 18 years. I’ve tent and RV camped at Starved Rock in Utica. IL, 14 years. For the last 4 years I have been stay in a cabin at Bullfrog Lake in Willow Springs, IL.

  3. My first camping trip was with my mother in Ga (home state). No better person! She grew up camping but I was hosting. We had an amazing time! Outside is a safe space for me and to share it with her and her love the outdoors as well was a healing moment for us both. Camping is vibe!


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