Van Life Terms You Should Become Familiar With

I’m hoping you all enjoyed my “What Is Van Life?” post and maybe it piqued your interest a bit. When I started researching Van Life, I realized there were a lot of terms I was unfamiliar with, lol. I thought it was important to start a living list (hope you all can help keep updating over time) of van life terms that hopefully can help the next person.

Van Life Terms You Should Become Familiar With

Vansters/Vanlifers: People who live van life.

Vamping: Van Camping

Boondocking/Dry Camping: Camping in which your rv/van is not connected to electric, water, or sewer hookups. Boondocking is usually done in the boonies or middle of nowhere.

Stealth Camping/Urban Camping: Camping out of sight or blending in plain sight on land not designated as a campsite.

Moochdocking: When you park in your friends driveway or yard.

Off Grid: A system and lifestyle designed to help people function without the support of remote infrastructure, such as an electrical grid, technology, plumbing, or water.

Skoolie/schoolie: School bus conversion.

Black Tank: The tank for all your sewage/waste.

Grey Tank: The tank for where your shower/dish water goes.

Self contained: A van/rv that can be used without any type of outside assistance. This usually means it has holding tanks or a composting toilet, a water tank, kitchen and necessary electrical on a battery or solar.

Got Any Van Life Terms To Add? Or, Do You Have Any Questions?

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